MyCGISessions is a session management library for C/C++ based CGI scripts. MyCGISession provides a way to preserve certain data across subsequent accesses to a website. The library is written in C and is usually installed as a shared library which you can use from your CGI scripts. The interface for using the library is simple but flexible. It aims are to be secure, simple and scalable. It stores session data in a MySQL database and sessions can be used by multiple cgi scripts.


The library is published under GPL.

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How it works

MyCGISession generates a unique and unpredictable session key for each request. Arbitrary data can be stored (in a MySQL database) in relation to the session. To access the data in a later request, the session key is needed. An updated session key is passed from request to request using URL rewriting, cookies etc. The library imposes no constraints on (and provides no means to) passing the session id in anyway you want.


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Latest API documentation can be found here

Last modified: 10/02 2005, Christian Theil Have.